for businesses Asset Management Features

Your company can do so much more with so much less utilizing our cloud based corporate asset management solution and our QR Code enabled sticker tags. The corporate asset tags are indistinguishable from personal tags, which disencourages extortion and blackmailing attempts. Your company pays only for what you use with a simple monthly subscription payment.

Some of the things our service enables you to do:

  • Control and list company belongings
  • Track item locations
  • Keep track of item values (purchase value, current value and resell value)
  • Calculate replacement costs and periods
  • Do inventory
  • Import and export data in standard formats (CSV, XML, etc.)
  • Return lost items back to your company Lost & Found Services

Getting started

Start using our business features by ordering special corporate tags. Corporate tags look just like any other tag, but you can claim them in your company's name to activate their special corporate features that will help you manage your organisation and keep track of your valuable assets. The finder of the lost items will not be able to know whether the tag is personal or corporate. offers multi-tier management of your company's items – we scale from small companies up to corporations with multiple units with several administrators each.


For corporate tag orders we offer a monthly subscription. We’ll bill your credit card every month, based on the total number of active tags in your account, and automatically adjust your monthly fee as your list grows or shrinks.

Monthly price $/€ 10 15 30 50 75 150 240 520
Active tags 0-10 11-50 51-100 101-200 201-500 501-1000 1001-5000 5001-10000
Tag sheet delivery costs Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free

The first month is free. After that, you will be paying list prices if you continue your subscription.

Register as a company

Follow these simple steps to start using our corporate solutions:

1. Register and order

Register your corporation and order corporate tags. If you already have an account, you can still easily sign your company up.

After you've signed up, you can order sheets of tags from your corporation's administration panel.

2. Claim sheets

As you receive the corporate tags, you, or your unit administrator, should claim the sheet of tags for your organization or unit. This will link all 42 tags to your corporation and the relevant unit, enabling you to administrate and keep track of the tags.

3. Claim tags

After the sheets have been claimed, you can give out tags to your employees and inform them to create a account with their company email address, if any. (If they already have a personal account, it can be used as well. If the user is associated with another company, those, and any personal tags will remain safely theirs.)